Jacksboro Metals

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     Metal Recycling

LONG IRON     .0425¢ per lb. / $4.25   Per 100 LBS

SHORT IRON   .0525 per lb. / $5.25    Per 100 LBS

SCRAP         .0325¢ per lb. / $3.25   Per 100 LBS

Whole Complete Vehicles

$6.00 per 100 lbs

0.0600¢ per pound

No Battery

Deduct $20.00

No Starter

Deduct $5.00

No Radiator

Deduct $25.00

No Alternator

Deduct $5.00

No Engine

Deduct $75.00

No Wheels

Deduct $10.00

for each wheel missing

No Transmission

Deduct $75.00

Registration or title paperwork is helpful

so please bring any paperwork you have.

A vehicle 12 years old or older (2004 or before)

does not require a title to sell.

COPPER #1    $2.05  per pound

COPPER #2    $1.95  per pound

COPPER SHEET  $1.20  per pound

State law requires us to

hold payment on copper purchases for 5 days.

We Buy Most All Types of Metals

Business Hours




9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Saturday 8 am to 12 pm

Jacksboro Metals Pictures

Drive onto the Scales

and Stop

When entering the scrap yard customers must always drive onto the Sacles to be entered into the computer system and get an orange cone number.  It doesn’t matter if you only have cans or a little scrap or a lot of scrap. All customers must first stop on the scales.

We Sell Tires

Most Tires $20.00

We Buy Aluminum Rims

$5.00 each

Deduct $2.00 if a tire is on it.

We crush and scrap the metal we buy.

Current Product Purchase Prices

Prices Subject to Change Daily

Current Price Effective Date June 28, 2017

    Product Name                              Current Price               

    ALUMINUM CANS                                          $0.34 cents per pound

    SCRAP                                                            $3.25 per 100 pounds

    LONG IRON                                                    $4.25 per 100 pounds

    SHORT IRON                                                  $5.25 per 100 pounds

    CAR COMPLETE                                            $6.00 per 100 pounds

    ALUMINUM CLEAN                                        $0.28 cents per pound

    ALUMINUM DIRTY                                         $0.13 cents per pound

    ALUMINUM SIDING                                        $0.27 cents per pound

    ALUMINUM WHEELS CARS                          $5.00 each

       Deduct $2.00 if wheel has tire                         $3.00 each

    ALUMINUM WHEELS TRUCKS                    $0.13 cents per pound

    ALUMINUM RADIATOR                                  $0.20 cents per pound

    DIRTY ALUMINUM  RADIATOR                     $0.13 cents per pound

    ALUMINUM BREAKAGE                                 $0.09 cents per pound

    EDM WIRE                                                       $1.25 cents per pound

    COPPER ALUMINUM RADIATOR CLEAN      $0.69 cents per pound

    COPPER ALUMINUM RADIATOR DIRTY       $0.50 cents per pound

    COPPER #1                                                      $2.05 per pound

    COPPER #2                                                      $1.95 per pound

    COPPER SHEET                                              $1.20 per pound

    COATED (DIRTY) COPPER WIRE                  $0.03 cents per pound

    BRASS CLEAN                                                 $0.70 cents per pound

    BRASS DIRTY                                                  $0.31 cents per pound

    BRASS RADIATORS                                        $0.85 cents per pound

    STAINLESS                                                      $0.03 cents per pound

    STAINLESS TURNINGS                                  $0.10 cents per pound

    BATTERIES                                                     $0.12 cents per pound

    ALTERNATORS                                               $0.08 cents per pound

    STARTERS                                                      $0.04 cents per pound

    SEALED UNITS                                                $0.06 cents per pound

    ELECTRIC MOTORS                                       $0.09 cents per pound

    COMPRESSOR                                                $0.0350 cents per pound

    HEATER CORE                                                $0.90 cents per pound

    IRONY BRONZE TURNINGS                           $0.23 cents per pound

    LEAD                                                                $0.01 cents per pound